At Makina Studios, we are passionate about empowering creative minds to bring their visions to life.

With a dedicated team of industry professionals, extensive workshops and offices, being one of the UAE biggest studios, plus having all the amenities you need that will make all your dreams come into reality.

Our Studio

Sound stage
Control room
Makina studio A
Office room
Meeting room

Our Facilities

Vast Studio Space:

Our studio boasts a vast and versatile space of 495M² of floor surface, 8M height, 22M width, and 22.5M length.


Expansive green screen and chroma capabilities; 352M² chroma surface, radiuses of 100, 8M height, 22M width, 16M length, covered in matt polyurethane paint.

High-Speed WIFI:

To stay connected, in sync and communicate seamlessly with the world beyond the studio walls.

Production Office:

Equipped with all the essential amenities, allowing you to streamline your production workflow with ease.

Workstation Area:

Our well-equipped workstation area provides a dedicated space for you to work efficiently and comfortably, with access to the necessary tools to support your creative process.

Free Parking Area:

Convenience and accessibility are key at Makina Studios. Our spacious free parking area ensures that you and your team can easily access the studio.

Dressing & Makeup Room:

Prepare for your on-screen moments in style and comfort before stepping in front of the camera.

Lounge Area:

Take a break and recharge in our inviting lounge area. Designed for relaxation and socializing.


We understand the importance of comfort and convenience during long hours on set. Our modern WC/Shower facilities offer a refreshing space to freshen up and recharge.

Our Technology



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DIP 2 warehouse 07, Building 21 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates